Introducing The EmPHorium.

What is it?

According to the dictionary, an EmPHorium is a place of commerce; trading center; marketplace. For this proposed project, THE EmPHorium will be more than that. It will serve the community actively and the needs of promoting Philippine-made products, services and investments in the US market. The goal is to create the premier venue for these activities. It would serve as an educational, media, business and networking center for creating awareness and advancing the movement of US market expansion for Philippine-made products, services and investments.


Asian Culture Alliance
DTI Philippines
My Jeepney Stop
Philippine Economic Zone Authority
DTI - Los Angeles
Planet 63


What type of services will it offer?


Networking events ( buyers and sellers)


Classes for creating e-commerce business, social media, sourcing , shipping, and selling.

Media Centers

Media centers ( offer facilities for content creation, events that are connected to Philippine products, etc.) Trade offices will be a backdrop for influencers doing videos or social media content. Expose products in the video.


Promotional venue (mini-fashion shows, food and beverage tasting etc. )

Consultation Centers

Consultation centers for people interested in doing business in the Philippine market and how to enter the market.

Referral Services

It will have referral services for US business professionals who have an expertise in doing business in the Philippines.

Organized Event

Visiting Philippine manufacturers will have an organized event that will be creatively and heavily publicized by the collaborators of PTIC, Planet63. Fil-Am Chamber of Commerce and My Jeepney Stop.


It will promote Hybrid Pop-Up/Online selling events (live-stream to the Philippines and US market)

High Quality

Promote trending, unique, high quality products not yet seen in the US market/online live-selling

The Compelling Need And Opportunity
Now that the Los Angeles area is starting to open up, the need and opportunity to promote Philippine-made products and services has never been greater. A need to be a part of the rebuilding of the local community and beyond needs to be addressed . More than ever, relevant, value driven and creative marketing and promotional ideas and activities must be executed. Doing so with the spirit of seizing the opportunity, the Philippine government will continue to cement its value in the creation of more opportunities for MSME and other Philippine business and trade related matters in the US market.

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Meet the Team

Ferdinand Soriano

Co Founder

Focused on consistently improving my valued skills as an Event Marketer and Organizer, Product Presenter/Speaker, Social Media Marketer, Relationship Builder, Customer Service, Business Development Analyst, Logistics Management, Product Procurement, and Export Marketer.

Cristina Espiritu JD/MBA

Co Founder

For over a decade, Cristina has worked with companies and business owners determine the value of their business to help them develop and identify strategies to propel growth, maximize value or pivot their business/life in a new direction. She has worked with companies in different stages (from startups to multi-million dollar companies) in industries such as cannabis, life sciences, retail, services and many others.

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