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A U.S. based Philippine-made & inspired product showroom and global business center. A true destination for Filipino manufacturers, exporters, wholesale buyers, retailers, influencers, sponsors, and investors. Our dynamic ecosystem offers a world of opportunities and innovation.

Our Value To You

Branding & Promotion

We elevate Philippine-made products and services with expert branding and promotions. Boost visibility locally and globally through tailored strategies for lasting recognition.

Workshops & Seminars

We provide learning events that empower Philippine manufacturers for the U.S. market, also enabling U.S. based entrepreneurs to source, ship, and sell Philippine-made products.

Media Centers

We enhance brand exposure by organizing live-streamed events, bridging the Philippines and US markets through in-person and online experiences. Elevate your Philippine products with us!

Exhibits & Trade Shows

Represent Philippine manufacturers at trade shows, exhibitions, industry events including community pop-up events to showcase their products, attract potential investors, and connect with wholesale buyers and retailers.


Facilitate networking events and matchmaking sessions between Philippine manufacturers and wholesale buyers, distributors, and retailers to boost sales and partnerships.

Import & Export

We offer Philippine manufacturers, U.S. based buyers and entrepreneurs market research, product incubation, and expert guidance on sourcing, shipping, and selling. Our export plans encompass target market identification, regulatory compliance, and logistics solutions.


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Meet the Founders

Ferdinand Soriano

Co Founder

Focused on consistently improving my valued skills as an Event Marketer and Organizer, Product Presenter/Speaker, Social Media Marketer, Relationship Builder, Customer Service, Business Development Analyst, Logistics Management, Product Procurement, and Export Marketer.

Cristina Espiritu JD/MBA

Co Founder

For over a decade, Cristina has worked with companies and business owners determine the value of their business to help them develop and identify strategies to propel growth, maximize value or pivot their business/life in a new direction. She has worked with companies in different stages (from startups to multi-million dollar companies) in industries such as cannabis, life sciences, retail, services and many others.

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